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Pile o’ Snake

May 7, 2015

Got out for a Springtime hike up Skytop today.


Took the direct route, up past Duck Pond.

Readers of this blog will know I must go by Duck Pond about fifty times a year. Readers will also know the place is absolutely crawling with snakes.

Saw this guy right out of the parking lot:


Baby garter snake. I know. Big deal.

So how about this cool water snake I saw at the pond (click to enlarge):


Still not impressed?

How about the rest of the water snake’s family hanging out on a rock:


How about the rest of the rest of the family:


 And here they are in real time (click if you dare):

Spending as much time as I do at Duck Pond—and having only seen maybe one duck there once—I’m confident they should change the name of the place to Snake Pond. 

And in case you’re wondering why the snakes like the pond so much… one word:



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