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I’ve been really getting into the panorama feature on my phone lately.


The secret seems to be don’t let the photo get too long.
Stop the pano when you have a good composition.


Also living at a place as beautiful as the Gunks doesn’t hurt:


Slow Down, Clown.

Since I spend a lot of my time in emergency vehicles, for work, I generally move pretty fast. But not too fast to spot the odd turtle sitting in the road where he shouldn’t be.


Sometimes you just have to stop and smell the flowers. You never know who you’ll meet. Like this gal:


We’re Gonna’ Need a Bigger Boat

This weekend, I was out kayaking. Off my port side something huge broke the surface. Water slid off his shell like a submarine rising. It was a monster snapping turtle. He floated there for a moment as if he didn’t see me. When my boat bumped him he turned, hissed for a minute and then returned to the depths.

(Click the above pic to enlarge).

Dumpster Panda

Yeah, so I recently learned that term on the internet: Dumpster Panda.

Pretty good ’cause that’s where you usually see them… in and around dumpsters. But this guy was in the woods doing his thing. Moved up the tree so fast I barely saw him.


Can’t say I’ve been a fan of raccoons since they’re always wicked-surly and causing mischief. But this guy was cute. Undeniably cute.


Don’t you want to give him a hug?


He’s probably only a little rabid being out during the day-time and all.

Well that’s it for this post. And almost it for the summer:


See you in the Fall …

Lord of the Flies


So, this was going on in the yard today. Don’t know what was going on. Don’t want to.

Honk! Honk!


… And on this crazy, busy road—in the middle of the day—everyone stopped and let them cross; even against the light.

Faith in humanity, restored.

The Young Turks

Finally managed a couple of pics of the young turkeys that have been growing up in my yard:


Maybe not the greatest photos in the world, but hey these guys move fast:


Now you see ’em:


Now you don’t:



Readers of this blog have figured out by now that I live in the Northeastern part of the US. (New York’s mid-Hudson Valley to be exact). I live about 150 miles from anything resembling an ocean.

So don’t ask me how I stumbled upon this guy, yesterday:


Must be a glitch in the Matrix. I can’t come up with a single scenario—even one including humans—which would explain this.

No Sh*t!

Saw this beetle climbing up a tree trunk. Not really sure what kind of beetle it is. (I can’t say I know much about beetles).

But on closer inspection I noticed a clue.


See that hair?

How did it get there? Where has this beetle been?


Oh right… This is a Dung Beetle.


Fire and Ice

Just a couple of little guys I saw recently in the woods:


red eft

blue skink

blue skink